Benefits of Kombucha: the best natural detoxifier, glucuronic

The liver is one of what they call vital organs of the medical profession, that life is not possible without one. Apart from a number of functions, not the least of which belong to bile to aid digestion and synthesize proteins, the critical function of the liver detoxifying our blood.

Fortunately, obviously due to the critical nature of the body, the liver is removed for regeneration of parts of his surgically or damaged by toxins. As with most things, continuous abuse carries this innate ability thin. Thus, a time when we face more and more toxins in our food, water and the air we breathe, is also behooves us to our liver a helping hand.

The way in which the liver in detoxifying the blood goes to the best evidence that we can implement it in a natural way helps. To cleanse the blood from the liver, large amounts of glucuronic.

glucuronic has some amazing properties. One is that it binds all the poisons and toxins, be it environmental or metabolic origin and carries them to the body. Once these toxins have been linked to acid we get rid of them because it is not absorbed into the system.

Unfortunately, when the liver is probably the most abused part of the system becomes overwhelmed with toxins and damage is no longer able to produce sufficient amounts of glucuronic. It's a "domino effect" because of the additional damage of this ability decreases even more.

It seems that the solution to this problem should be simple. In a sense, it really is, but not very well known. Since this wonderful acid produced in the liver are not easily synthesized trade advertising companies are not the solution to the problem.

The best natural source of glucuronic, apart from the liver, kombucha. Since Kombucha is brewed at home the cost of a cup of sugar and a couple of tea bags do not provide much incentive to the pharmaceutical industry.

To be honest, the topic of whether there is or not Kombucha glucuronic very contentious issue. Support for most of the research carried out in the presence of glucuronic kombucha in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in the 1940 & # 39; and the 1960 & # 39; s.

conducted a 18-month period from 1995 to 1996 more than 1000 samples cooked in a variety of ways, senses that glucuronic acid is not present in another laboratory. This new research conducted by a reputable licensed Analytical Chemistry Utah State.

Because previous research has also been carried out by qualified and renowned researchers has been more than a few studies about what we do not agree with this? Well folks, we aim to tell the truth, it does not really matter.

Recent research, Michael R. Roussin man started a little passionate about the healing value of kombucha. Michael admits himself to set out to prove that kombucha is not, in fact, contains glucuronic.

Rather, we had discovered the presence of an acid sugar acid, a glucuronidase inhibitor. I'll explain how it works with another enzyme inhibitors article. Suffice to say, this prevents anti-glucuronidase interfere with the liver & # 39; s normal function by using glucuronic acid detoxification.

Do you see what's not glucuronidase that cleaves the bond formed between the molecules of glucuronic acid and toxins. This prevents the elimination of toxins in the liver. So that the problem of overloaded May glucuronic or poor production growth glucuronidase, kombucha is not, in fact, a lot of help detoxification.

Michael Roussin, attributes the differences in research methods and not any kind of attack is in the background. He claims that most previous research had assumed glucuronic kombucha measurement of higher glucuronides in urine after drinking kombucha subjects.

So, as I said, in our view it does not matter. Higher levels of glucuronides in the urine indicates the detoxifying benefits of kombucha.

As I mentioned in another article the benefits of kombucha that's exactly excited about the Soviet scientists and cancer researchers. It is incomprehensible seeming immunity to cancer populations couple of counties set out to investigate.

They found it was actually embarrassing that the population of these districts smoked cigarettes and drank only enough vodka just as much as their neighbors. There was also a significant amount of pollution due to mining districts.

Upon discovering the universal sharing and consumption of kombucha began working in the laboratory to determine how to prevent cancer. Despite the fact that there may be a tad out the exact mechanics were a direct beneficial effect!

Vitamin C is becoming very popular with antioxidant properties. I'll explain some of the common sources of free radicals in an article on premature aging antioxidants and how to alleviate the problem. This healing power of vitamin C is evident that many areas of medicine.

The vitamin C administered intravenously dripped increasingly common practice of dangerous biological dentistry procedures such as removing mercury amalgams. It has also been successfully administered more progressive physicians to treat cancer.

Hence, the detoxifying properties of Vitamin C without question. An 8-ounce glass of kombucha contains 120 mg of vitamin C, which is the RDA for those who have the highest need for nursing mothers. Kombucha therefore not only one of the best natural sources, but also the least expensive as already an article from a source of vitamin C.

Thus, the dual-function oxidation and stimulates the liver & # 39; s innate detoxification capabilities, you can bet the top of my list of kombucha natural methods of detoxification. I would probably drink every day without these benefits because they are so tart and refreshing!

Source by Jim S Lovasz

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