This superfood is removed within weeks Mercury From Your Body!

Everyday, all kinds of polluted body of toxins, many of which are the & # 39; fully aware of. There & # 39; and the typical cigarette smoke, exhaust and chemical products. But there are less well known contaminants such as pesticides, food, heavy metals and mercury in the vessels of the fish. It & # 39; and the question of integrative medicine community is actively engaged.

of mercury and other heavy metals real danger that those who consume foods from the sea. Oceans today are full of these toxins, which are ultimately plate. It protects itself from harmful heavy metals are not so simple, especially if you & # 39; s attack on several fronts. We live in a very toxic world, which means you need to be adamant about cleaning yourself.

Fighting Back Against Poisons

The good news is that an effective way to protect yourself and loved society & # 39; s common materials. You can do this by acquiring chelation therapy and performing other detoxification processes. This should be done several times during the year, especially if they begin to show some signs, such as:

  • Problems with digestion
  • Fatigue
  • depression
  • joint pain
  • problems in women's production system
  • problems in regulating blood sugar levels

It & # 39; It s also important to note that mercury can cause damage to the kidneys, central nervous system and the brain. It should be particularly bearing in mind the adverse effects it means for children. You can consult with an integrative medicine physician about taking the right steps to protect your home from these dangers.

The powerful detoxification Chlorella

Nature has re – established a superfood offers significant benefits to anyone who consumes it. Chlorella microalgae that grows on the rivers. It is widely used in Japan and North America now. When consumed, it binds metals and chemicals found in your body, remove them as they pass in and out of the body. This prevents dangerous chemicals from reaching the bloodstream.

Unlike unnatural detoxification kits, chlorella does not remove the beneficial minerals in the body, leaving only removes negative. For this reason, it & # 39; and we recommend that you use the chlorella over other detoxification programs.

It should also be consulted on integrative medicine doctor who will help you to change your diet and lifestyle for the better. Ensure that detailed information regarding the IV vitamin therapy offered by other services.

Source by Katie Spiess

The Lemonade cleansing diet advantages and disadvantages

People are trying a variety of diets and exercise routines in order to lose weight. Some of these are more efficient than others, and this efficiency can be readily determined by the weight change Dieter. The lemonade diet is a weight loss technique that has stood the test of time, while the fad products have come and gone. In addition, the lemonade diet combined with weight loss and detoxification of the body, which is very rare that health and diet products.


This treatment does not require a complete fast, which is very unhealthy for the body. This method is directed toward a liquid detox and cleansing removes any mental desire for food. The body is not hungry, and all toxins are passed quickly from the body. This is a very safe, natural and healthy way for individuals to lose weight and cleanse the body.

The lemonade weight loss method is called Master Cleanse diet is and has been around for over 70 years, so this is a full proof method that has stood the test of time. Developed by Stanley Burroughs, medical practitioner, Master Cleanse gives the digestive system a much needed rest, and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Lack of exercise, negative state of mind, as well as any improper diet can cause unhealthy toxins build up in our systems.

Some of the benefits of the detox diet:
• more energy and less lethargy
• Full cleaning up the blood, kidneys and after the colon's annual integrated waste
• a strengthened immune system
• Fat Burning
• Rapid weight loss
• look and feel much younger
• almost euphoric or spiritual path

master Cleanse technique of individuals often lose up to two pounds every day. The amount of weight loss varies the amount of maple syrup is used in the diet, but it occurs in the body in detoxification of anyone who takes any amount of material. Mr. Burroughs felt that the toxicity was the cause of all diseases in the body. Therefore, these chronic disease may find this detoxification method is particularly preferred.


Approximately 60 oz brew lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water should be ingested each day, for a time of at least 10 days. No solid food is allowed. Individuals can also drink water during the period that he is the Master Cleanse. In addition, the salt water flush must be taken every morning and a laxative tea taken every afternoon.

As you can imagine, the lemon diet requirements are quite hard and some people often quit after a few days on a diet. Learning to go without solid food is a huge challenge for 10-14 days. Also, because it is a cleansing diet, as we have said, there are "detox" symptoms that may occur, headache, nausea, vomiting, cravings, fatigue and irritability.

My recommendation to the lemonade diet

The best solution in my opinion is that the lemonade diet in addition to the product (tablet form), so that you do not need to go through hard fasting liquid as described above. For example, the Lemonade Diet weight loss pill will help you lose up to 17 pounds just 14 days, and is a professional diet and exercise program. With this accessory you can eat the recommended dietary supplement your diet plan with lemon helps to detoxify and lose weight at the same time.


We recommend that you explore any interested person lemonade diet (master cleanse) consult with a physician before you start. The doctor will tell you that this measure is based on medical history and recommended among the medical conditions of the individual.

If you are looking for a safe and natural way to lose weight, look no further than the lemonade diet. This weight loss method involves the consumption of a drink made from several ingredients (lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water), in addition to taking a rinse with salt water and laxative tea. Therefore easily prepared at home. The individual will soon begin to come off the pounds and feel healthier as the body detoxify.

Source by Glenn Prescot

Benefits of Kombucha: the best natural detoxifier, glucuronic

The liver is one of what they call vital organs of the medical profession, that life is not possible without one. Apart from a number of functions, not the least of which belong to bile to aid digestion and synthesize proteins, the critical function of the liver detoxifying our blood.

Fortunately, obviously due to the critical nature of the body, the liver is removed for regeneration of parts of his surgically or damaged by toxins. As with most things, continuous abuse carries this innate ability thin. Thus, a time when we face more and more toxins in our food, water and the air we breathe, is also behooves us to our liver a helping hand.

The way in which the liver in detoxifying the blood goes to the best evidence that we can implement it in a natural way helps. To cleanse the blood from the liver, large amounts of glucuronic.

glucuronic has some amazing properties. One is that it binds all the poisons and toxins, be it environmental or metabolic origin and carries them to the body. Once these toxins have been linked to acid we get rid of them because it is not absorbed into the system.

Unfortunately, when the liver is probably the most abused part of the system becomes overwhelmed with toxins and damage is no longer able to produce sufficient amounts of glucuronic. It's a "domino effect" because of the additional damage of this ability decreases even more.

It seems that the solution to this problem should be simple. In a sense, it really is, but not very well known. Since this wonderful acid produced in the liver are not easily synthesized trade advertising companies are not the solution to the problem.

The best natural source of glucuronic, apart from the liver, kombucha. Since Kombucha is brewed at home the cost of a cup of sugar and a couple of tea bags do not provide much incentive to the pharmaceutical industry.

To be honest, the topic of whether there is or not Kombucha glucuronic very contentious issue. Support for most of the research carried out in the presence of glucuronic kombucha in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in the 1940 & # 39; and the 1960 & # 39; s.

conducted a 18-month period from 1995 to 1996 more than 1000 samples cooked in a variety of ways, senses that glucuronic acid is not present in another laboratory. This new research conducted by a reputable licensed Analytical Chemistry Utah State.

Because previous research has also been carried out by qualified and renowned researchers has been more than a few studies about what we do not agree with this? Well folks, we aim to tell the truth, it does not really matter.

Recent research, Michael R. Roussin man started a little passionate about the healing value of kombucha. Michael admits himself to set out to prove that kombucha is not, in fact, contains glucuronic.

Rather, we had discovered the presence of an acid sugar acid, a glucuronidase inhibitor. I'll explain how it works with another enzyme inhibitors article. Suffice to say, this prevents anti-glucuronidase interfere with the liver & # 39; s normal function by using glucuronic acid detoxification.

Do you see what's not glucuronidase that cleaves the bond formed between the molecules of glucuronic acid and toxins. This prevents the elimination of toxins in the liver. So that the problem of overloaded May glucuronic or poor production growth glucuronidase, kombucha is not, in fact, a lot of help detoxification.

Michael Roussin, attributes the differences in research methods and not any kind of attack is in the background. He claims that most previous research had assumed glucuronic kombucha measurement of higher glucuronides in urine after drinking kombucha subjects.

So, as I said, in our view it does not matter. Higher levels of glucuronides in the urine indicates the detoxifying benefits of kombucha.

As I mentioned in another article the benefits of kombucha that's exactly excited about the Soviet scientists and cancer researchers. It is incomprehensible seeming immunity to cancer populations couple of counties set out to investigate.

They found it was actually embarrassing that the population of these districts smoked cigarettes and drank only enough vodka just as much as their neighbors. There was also a significant amount of pollution due to mining districts.

Upon discovering the universal sharing and consumption of kombucha began working in the laboratory to determine how to prevent cancer. Despite the fact that there may be a tad out the exact mechanics were a direct beneficial effect!

Vitamin C is becoming very popular with antioxidant properties. I'll explain some of the common sources of free radicals in an article on premature aging antioxidants and how to alleviate the problem. This healing power of vitamin C is evident that many areas of medicine.

The vitamin C administered intravenously dripped increasingly common practice of dangerous biological dentistry procedures such as removing mercury amalgams. It has also been successfully administered more progressive physicians to treat cancer.

Hence, the detoxifying properties of Vitamin C without question. An 8-ounce glass of kombucha contains 120 mg of vitamin C, which is the RDA for those who have the highest need for nursing mothers. Kombucha therefore not only one of the best natural sources, but also the least expensive as already an article from a source of vitamin C.

Thus, the dual-function oxidation and stimulates the liver & # 39; s innate detoxification capabilities, you can bet the top of my list of kombucha natural methods of detoxification. I would probably drink every day without these benefits because they are so tart and refreshing!

Source by Jim S Lovasz

Why should we maintain a good lymph circulations of toxins?

lymphatic system of the body

The lymphatic system is a complex network of wires and nodes which a fluid called lymph. Lymph is a clear to yellowish liquid water formed between the body's cells. This watery fluid passing different lymph nodes and eventually drains into the bloodstream to the lymph channels. This is formed when interstitial fluid (the fluid that bathes tissues and cells) to enter the lymphatic system of the wires. The interstitial fluid in turn formed as blood screening. This clear liquid, the white blood cells called lymphocytes, and a low concentration of red blood cells and proteins. Since white blood cells are smaller than red blood cells, they can readily crossed membranes, which can not penetrate the red blood cells. Through circulating in the body tissue it picked up fats, bacteria and other undesirable substances, removal of excess tissue fluid, eliminating these substances through the lymphatic system to produce immune cells such as lymphocytes (antibody-producing plasma cells) and monocytes.

lymph nodes that are close to each other often form groups or chains such as the sides of the neck, armpits and groins and many places in the body. Lymph nodes and a significant part of the immune system. These include white blood cells (lymphocytes) and the antibodies that protect the body against infection. Damage or interruption of the lymphatic system can result in numerous health conditions. Small lymph nodes (sometimes called lymph glands) occur in the body.

Check time bomb in the body

usually pea-sized lymph nodes. You can sometimes feel some under the skin. Lymph nodes under the skin become visible and easier to feel when swell. Swollen lymph nodes may swell to the size of the balls, or more. But if you do not see or feel a deeper lymph nodes in the chest or abdomen even if they swell.

causes swollen lymph nodes

1 infection – the most common

lymph nodes near the infection swells rapidly and become tender as the immune system & # 39; fights off & # 39; infectious bacteria, such as bacteria, viruses, etc. usually go back to normal lymph nodes & # 39; pea-size & # 39; if the end of the infection. It may take a week or so for them to gradually return to normal after infection.

common infected areas are the following:

– throat infections and tonsillitis can cause lymph nodes in the neck to swell.
– Skin infections can cause arm swelling lymph nodes in the armpit.
– Infections, feet or genitals may cause lymph nodes in the groin to swell.
– Viral infections such as glandular fever affects the whole body. You may then develop swollen lymph nodes in various parts of the body such as the neck, armpits and groins.

2. Cancers, lymphomas and leukemia – less common

Cancer & # 39; core & # 39; (Spread) to nearby lymph nodes. The cancer can grow in the lymph nodes and cause it to swell. For example:

– Breast cancer could be seeded in the lymph nodes in the armpit.
– core throat cancer lymph node in the neck.
– lung cancer and bowel cancer in the lymph nodes themselves, which usually do not see or feel the abdomen and chest.
– Cancer of the lymph and blood systems (leukemia and lymphomas), cause many nodes to swell.

As a rule, swollen lymph nodes develop slowly to develop cancer, lymphomas and leukemia, as the cause of infections. And painless at first.

3. Other causes -rare

Reactions of certain drugs, glycogen storage diseases, Kawasaki disease, sarcoidosis, and certain forms of arthritis.

Check lymph nodes

because of

Swollen lymph nodes are common viral infections. For example, lymph nodes in the neck can go & # 39; up and down & # 39; If you have frequent throat infections. This little concern. Swollen lymph nodes is more cause for concern if there is no obvious reason to swell. Seek medical attention if:

– found swollen lymph nodes, and I do not know why swollen when there is no infection.
– swollen lymph nodes due to infection does not go down again within two weeks.

Bring Beauty Salon Main

There is a type of bodywork as Lymphatic and Galvanic Spa aims to promote healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage to encourage healthy tissues. Get a lymphatic massage, you need to book a date and spend a few hours in the beauty salon, which is costly in time and money. But now, if you only buy a Nu Skin Galvanic Spa and start a home spa treatment today.

Bring Spa Results Home

The stress of modern life, spa treatments have become more than just occasional pampering, they are a prerequisite for looking and feeling good. The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa brings the day spa home to you. The cutting -edge technology and the patented Galvanic Spa 2, no login required cosmetics. For over 50 years, and of course, hand galvanic professionals tailor treatments to refresh and energize the skin. Through a gentle massaging action, this current helps focus cellular energy and improves lymphatic circulation. Now you can get these same beneficial treatments in the comfort of your own home with the Galvanic Spa.

Feel The galvanic differences

This patented, wireless handheld device to facilitate self-adjusting technology, low galvanic (electric) current key ingredients into the skin for better cleaning, hydration, circulation and radiance. The effect of the gentle massaging of the four attachments (face, treatment, body, scalp) combined with galvanic current machine, can improve blood circulation and draws vital nutrients to the outer layers of the skin. Studies have shown that a Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II treatment may increase the active ingredient delivery of 70% or more, up to 24 hours before the galvanic treatment. It is safe, effective and convenient. Research shows when Galvanic Spa II Body Shaping Gel is used twice in the same day, the benefits of the joint.

Lymphatic Galvanic Spa

The Lymphatic massage, use of the body cord, use a body-shaping gel areas bacterial want to reduce the accumulation of fluid and toxins from the body. More theobromine and Golden chamomile, this advanced treatment helps reduce fat storage and activate fat breakdown, and promote healthy circulation of lymph nodes.

Tips Lymphatic Galvanic Spa II

Stay lymph nodes in 20 seconds (1 beep is heard). After a first massage for 1-2 minutes and the gel turns to a thick white liquid, it shows that there is some draining lymph nodes. Wipe off while liquid and gel is applied to new again. Someone may take some time to clear fluid, depending on the individual health status. If the gel turns to yellowish liquid, it can be seen that the toxin and inflammation are emptied from the galvanic current of infected nodes. Sometimes people will feel pain or bruising if found serious blockage. Wipe the dirty massage gels and continue the Galvanic Spa System II, the new gel. Endure the pain, and it is progressively less painful when the internal situation has improved. Some reddish skin is considered normal and will disappear later.

Your Health iPod at home

Galvanic Spa is one of the anti aging solutions. Healthy drugs, such as the lymphatic system; release pain (eg painful foot painful lymph glands, painful joints, painful lump in the armpit, tennis elbow), body relaxation, improve venous problem of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing laugh lines and eye lines, rejuvenate the face complexion, slim face, revitalize your scalp and hair to grow, to revive the body, reduce abdominal fat, cellulite removal, reduces underarm fat, shape up your body to build up the body line, etc. It's a 4 in 1 health iPod, Medical, iPod beauty and anti Ageing iPod. Everyone should have their own personal iPod personal hygiene concerns.

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Essiac Tea Side Effects: It is safe to use Essiac Tea Detox and treat cancer?

Essiac tea was introduced to treat the 1920 and since then has been very popular cancer and many other diseases. Initially, Essiac tea promotion was conducted by Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse who claimed the formula gave him one of her patients. The recipe is said to come from the Ojibwa tribe's medicine man. This herbal product is now commercially available, but not without side effects, even if that's only natural ingredients. Here Essiac tea side effects are possible.


The people who Essiac tea with food, complain of indigestion. The solution would be to make tea when the stomach is empty, and not during or immediately after a meal. Digestion also noticed in individuals who already have a build-up of waste in the body. Since tea is known to eliminate toxins, it can cause discomfort in the digestive tract and stomach while running.

To remedy the side effects, stop taking the herbal tea a few days, or wait until the condition begins to improve. It can continue the treatment at a lower dose and gradually increasing the normal amount. For example, when an ounce of tea results in digestive disorders, can reduce half of it in the beginning, and then increase it later.

urinating frequently

The tea mainly helps in detoxification and therefore calls for the system to eliminate toxins, passing more urine . Most users have experienced this, and it is quite common side effect. Despite the fact that this is a positive effect, it can cause dehydration, and it's important to drink more water to replace lost fluids.

pimple formation of

Some people are starting to acne, because tea & # 39; s detoxification process. This state does not last long, and stops when the system is cleaned, and ultimately a better skin tone and complexion.

kidney problems

Sheep sorrel and rhubarb, the two ingredients in Essiac tea is oxalic acid, which compounds and quite harmless in small doses. However, people already kidney problems, it is combined with the calcium compound, and may cause kidney stones. To drink the tea in excess can cause poisoning.

an upset stomach and diarrhea

People who suffer from inadequate water intake in excess of drink Essiac tea to stomach problems. The detox tea increases are due to the elimination of bodily waste digestion process. An appropriate amount of water is needed to help in this process, such as toxins, diluted by water, and the selection will go smoothly. Less water may cause stomach upset or discomfort.

This side effect can be reduced or eliminated by making water a day, at least six glasses, especially the intake of Essiac tea.

Fortunately, your body gets used to the tea, and the system of digestion soon be restored to its previous state.


certain individuals, Essiac tea & # 39; and herbs can cause moderate to mild allergic reactions, which includes, rash, runny nose and eyes, and itching. They are quite similar to the symptoms of hay fever and so it is necessary to determine an allergy is quite easy.

Such side effects can be managed by lessening the dose for a while. This is mainly to the body accustomed to the tea. Subsequently the dose is gradually increased until there are no symptoms. For some people, the intake of this tea should stand for a while, then restarted in small doses.

symptoms of influenza

The tea & # 39; s detoxification process can cause a cold and cough are some people that are similar to symptoms of other methods of detoxification. People who are able to tolerate such symptoms should continue with the dose and will disappear in time.



Diabetics need to be carefully proceed, the dose of Essiac tea, and monitor their blood sugar regularly. Certain ingredients known to respond to the physical processes that glucose and insulin.

Essiac Tea Side Effects Are Dangerous?

Essiac tea Most side effects are mild, but be careful during the treatment. It is also important to note the effect varies among individuals. The tea is also not advisable for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding because it may cause contractions of the uterus.

Source by JL Mason

There Pomegranate Juice Good For Body Detox? Find out the truth cleanses the system

Your body is full of organs such as the colon, liver, and kidneys to deal with the toxins that get into your body every day. We have our own mechanisms and processes that hold the body of waste and chemicals. For example, use of alkaline materials to neutralize acids.

Detoxification is a natural process that your body can perform. The problem is, when the agencies responsible for this natural process is overwhelmed by toxins in processed foods, air pollution, and unhealthy eating habits, organization & # 39; s ability to cope low. The toxins stored in the body and will soon be toxic when they stay there for a long time. You need to get your body the necessary resources to get rid of such waste.

One way of bio-available nutrients in the body to drink juices. You get all the nutrients in the juice helps the cells works well to get rid of waste. Remember that organic fruits and organic vegetables and fruits is a mixture of the best amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed by the body.


pomegranate juice in the system is a good idea. Although the fruit is native to areas such as Iran and the Himalayas, it has attracted a lot of attention because of their potential to fight, prevent and cure diseases. What you can do to your body is amazing. Pomegranate juice is known to contain almost three times the amount of antioxidants found green tea or red wine. This is also approximately the same amount of potassium as a banana is. In preparing juice, then the entire fruit, including the peel. Juices are also readily made available in the market. However, if you are lucky enough to buy a fresh, raw pomegranate, then that would be better.

Source by Ruben McDaniels

sick, or just a detox?

If someone I know is about to detox for the first time, after the first question is "Are you sure this will work?" It always seems that "this will feel bad?" It followed closely by "I need to work?"

My straight answer to all three is "It depends."

And it depends.

There are no two people are alike, and we do not live the same lifestyle or an equivalent level of toxicity in our bodies when beginning an internal detox program.

But there are some facts we all shared.

During the detoxification body all the time. The liver, kidney, skin and lymph continuous process toxic waste and eliminate them in the urine and feces of sweat. If this happens the amount of toxins is greater than the rate at which the body can eliminate them, a cleansing reaction or "healing crisis". The healing crisis is fancy language catching a cold or the flu. Most of us do not usually choose to catch a cold. In fact, we & # 39; ll do anything to avoid getting sick. However, if you decide to detonate a cleanse kit, you voluntarily start a healing crisis and your body will react in kind.

Here & # 39; and what to expect, and also how to go faster.

Headache – The most common cleansing reaction. Caffeine withdrawal particular the increase due to the release of toxins from the muscles to constrict and tighten around the neck, shoulders and temples.

Solution: Drink more water. Soak in a hot pot. Easy task. A cup of chamomile or mint tea, each have a soothing, settling effect on muscles and tension.

Backache – Since your intestines and colon reside in the lower abdomen, increased dietary fiber form larger bowel movements.

Full of toxins, stools are highly acidic and can cause temporary lower back pain, it is eliminated from the body.

Remedy: Stretching to loosen muscles, fruit juices laxative effect and accelerate the defecation. Lower back pain associated with colon cleansing usually goes away after a day 3 or 4.

stupor – Dizziness is a common cleansing reaction at the beginning of detoxification as the body adapts to the flood of toxins into the bloodstream.

Solution: Increase water consumption. Eat fruits such as grapes, apples and / or pineapple. Take a break and do not move until the dizziness passes. If the problem persists, cut back on the cleanse kit dosages and / or contact your healthcare provider.

Nausea – Stomach problems can cause the liver is overloaded processing toxic waste. Maybe it's just something I ate, but when you & # 39; cleaning, all the organs of detoxification fired a high speed.

Remedy: Carrot juice diluted with water, coffee enemas, and or mint tea.

Colds and flu symptoms – runny nose, mild fever, torokkaparás, muscle pain and general fatigue.

Two or more of these symptoms at the same time it could also mean you have to switch to detox lower gear to let your body process the toxic overload.

Remedy: Get plenty of rest. Drink plenty of fluids. It extends the cleaning by a few days less fiber and / or herbs, such as the kit recommends. You can still get the same benefits, but with more comfort.

Bad Breath / Smelly Odor- Each person joins the anus word of a continuous tube.

The old saying goes "you are what you eat", but if what you eat is unusable, the body or get rid of it or hide it in a place where it causes damage to the lease amount.


a detox those hiding places are destroyed. Putrid waste that turns festering in the dark light, and does not smell too good. The breath and sweat may become a little fragrant.

Remedy: Brush your teeth often. Tongue scraping also helps. Suck on citrus fruit wedges (lemons, oranges), gargle with salt water or baking soda and water.

Emotional Changes – Depression is one of the first symptoms of sugar withdrawal. Cravings for sugar and complex carbs like pastries, bagels or cookies and the denial of those cravings can cause frustration, anger and hyper-sensitivity.

Solution: Remove the offending item (s) from view. Throw or give your favorite sweets and carbs to a trustworthy neighbor to hold before you begin a cleanse, so you will not be tempted.

If it & # 39; s not possible, eat a piece of dried fruit or drink a cup of tea sweetened with maple syrup (grade B, if possible).

If you & # 39; feeling particularly down, walk, pet your cat or dog, or watch a funny movie.

Do not remembering why you choose to cleanse and think of all the wonderful improvements in your health that you will be able to see, feel and smell after only a short period of time.

Source by Jay Greene

Benefits of coconut water, which help the body detox

Detoxification is one of the many benefits of coconut water. That sometimes exploded in the body healthy in the long run because it helps rid the body of harmful substances in the cells, which can lead to cancer.

showcasing how it can benefit your health by fighting toxins in the body is the focus of this article. Processed foods and beverages to the typical modern diet loaded chemicals, preservatives and additives leading to cell damage.

Pure Coconut Water is a 100% natural and has no added chemicals, preservatives or additives.

Unfortunately, the benefits of coconut water that gets lost, and helps detoxify. After the water, you & # 39; s the most natural materials can drink. It helps to erase the body of toxins and keeps us hydrated.

Staying hydrated keeps your body running at peak efficiency. Dehydration leaves the body & # 39; s guard down and weakens the immune system. The coconut water prevents this because & # 39; and a large supply of electrolytes. 8.5 oz portion 15 times greater than competing potassium sports drinks. It & # 39; And even one of 5 main electrolytes in the body uses to replace the fluid and keep working at full capacity is required.

Another advantage is that the increased circulation helps to detoxify the system. Better circulation allows for better oxygen flow to support the body & # 39; s cells and organs. There & # 39; s two ways that increased circulation helps to keep the blood clean.

First, the liver is the organ that helps cleanse the blood. Better oxygen flow to the liver, it & # 39; ll have a stronger, healthier liver is. Second, it & # 39; You will be able to work better and operate more efficiently, it & # 39; ll clean your blood, the better. Because the body will work more effectively, some toxins in them is eliminated, detoxing your body.

Clear skin and a stronger immune system rewards a less polluted (sounds gross, but it & # 39; s true) body. In addition to helping overcome the disease and have a stronger immune system, doctors say that anti-viral properties to fight cancer.

So, next time you hear someone talking about coconut water in the media, listen to the conversation of the most underrated benefit of coconut water detoxification. Remember to keep in mind that many other health benefits.

Source by Michael Sbicca

Five Keys to Detox Your Body

The detoxify simply means to cleanse the body of any toxins may be harboring. We know for example that some chemicals and pesticides, and in some smoke we breathe, can be toxic to us. In addition, many of today's modern food choices can create a toxic environment, which slowly reduces the overall immunity. The term refers to the toxin state of cells and tissues – the internal site – that occur when we consume every year, highly processed foods. While the liver and kidneys natural detoxifying organ whose function is to filter out impurities, help the body detoxify many other ways. While some of this can be seen as extreme as dialysis or prolonged juice fast, there are some things every day that can be done to detoxify your body subtlety and consistency.


There is great food the world will be working very well until the body no longer receives a large amount of processed and fake foods that create a toxic interior landscaping. Fortunately, it & # 39; s easy to learn, hard to what your body; no complicated charts note. Rule one: the more processed materials, the more toxins. Simply examine your input. Eat less of them. Look for healthier alternatives. Or better yet, throw them completely.

Choose organic, whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible. Stop eating food additives and preservatives. Bring oil needs in olive oil, nuts, seeds such as flax, psyllium, etc. Slow down or eliminate processed meat (highly processed beef, chicken, lamb, sausage, pate, luncheon meat, Bologna), most marine animals (bottom feeders, such as mussels, clams, lobster, highly processed anchovies and sardines), pasteurized dairy products (milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt), processed oil (hydrogenated lard, canola), products made of flour (bread, pastry, cakes, pastries, cakes, donuts, biscuits), caffeine (coffee, black tea), tap water (use filtered or bottled spring water), alcohol (beer, wine, sake, whiskey, gin, vodka), processed sugars (candy, sweets, chocolate), soft drinks (diet cola sweetened beverages), and fake food (artificial anything!).


The body and the world mostly water, so water is vital element to the human race. Thus, the & # 39; and not surprisingly, that water is a large factor in the overall health and detoxification. Re-hydrating helps detox for several reasons. First of all, water is a natural appetite suppressant, while people ingesting things like fast food, which add toxins in the body. Second, the water stimulates the kidneys, helping them to do their job of filtering. Water also aids digestion; Without water, digestion does not occur, so the ability to remove waste without the intestines.

One of the main reasons for the re-hydrating the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is used to transport the boats often overlooked set of metabolic waste from the body. Újrahidratálásának drinking water to help prevent becoming overwhelmed by the lymphatic system of the old, dead material.

Although we recommend that the average person drink at least eight glasses of water a day, people often forget to do this, compromising the body & # 39; natural health and driven capabilities. Some people say that taking weight in pounds and divide it in half. This is the number of ounces of water to drink in a day. Buy a bottle somewhere the size of a gallon. Fill it every day, and drink it empty every day. This is a great way to measurably to know how much water you use. If you do not have access to spring water, filter tap water with a carbon filter.

Wash Skin

Brushing your skin may seem like a strange concept, an offense that is typically reserved for hair. However, the pores of the skin often open the door too many toxins we encounter. Because the skin absorbs what & # 39; s it, it absorbs the toxins present. Brushing these toxins out, however, reduce the toxins that enter the body through the pores. Our skin is considered to be the largest elimination organ, especially a diet change. To ensure that along this process, purchase a long-handled brush to dry skin brush from the entire body in two or three minutes in a bath or shower every day. It may sting a little the first few times, but you're conditioning your skin to breathe. This improves blood circulation, release toxins and stimulates the production of new skin. Some wet brushing can be just as effective while bathing.

Please alkaline baths

Another good idea alkaline baths. These, toss a cup of sea salt, a cup of baking soda or bath. Get in and slowly increase the heat until you sweat. The aim is that the outer alkaline water than the body and the blood. That's comforting, and very powerful when combined with skin brushing.

Do yoga, yoga Let

Yoga is one of the best exercises you can practice detoxification. As one of the foundations of yoga breathing, and one way to detoxify yourself is to simply breathe, yoga can teach the correct way to breathe, so the ability to get the most out of every breath you take. The mean, or asanas, practiced yoga can help detoxification. Freeing the body's limitations, these asanas flexible muscles and limbs, relaxing and letting the muscles and limbs more relaxed and agile, releasing toxins that can carry izomcsomók. These asanas support the market – the circulation greatly increase the flexibility – and these affects you physically and mentally flow better. When things flow properly, the body rid itself of toxins more easily.

yoga to circulate positive thinking, which removes toxins from the body in several ways. A person bent on perpetuating negative thinking is not only burdened with thoughts of toxicity, but they are also more likely to engage in a comprehensive unhealthy lifestyle, a lifestyle that invites the dirt, rather than fighting them. Yoga, however, because it helps people feel physically, emotionally and mentally right, allows you to circulate within the positive vitality, a life force bent toxins. It also arms the people with a mindset that allows people to embrace and embody the adoption of health and wholeness, the internal environment where the toxins do not want to stay, instead packed up and leaving.

TWISTED is a medical yoga studio at the Center for Osteopathic Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. Twisted integrates osteopathic medicine, hatha yoga and mindfulness practices to teach optimal balance between physical, mental and emotional health. It aims to educate and help people live a healthy life from the inside out. Rehabilitation programs offer a comprehensive management system for the whole being, empowering each person one breath at a time, to stimulate the body & # 39; s natural healing potential.

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How to Detox the body of synthetic progesterone

If you are wondering how to detox your body is synthetic progesterone, then this article will give you some tips to get you started.

When dealing with this type of object is always best to start off by giving you some information on what is actually progesterone.

Progesterone is a female body produced mainly by two primary hormones. Progesterone causes estrogen dominance, and causes the body to store fat. The synthetic progesterone works exactly the same way, except it also causes the body to release stress hormones.

First, before bedtime, during a detox foot patches on the soles of the feet, which is working very well.

may start a diet that removes the chemical calories. How to cook a little brown rice, butternut and radishes, and within 24 hours you will start to feel better.

Hot mineral baths, exercise, and mental visualization, have been known to help the process along as well.

The following foods and substitute then blew up the body of synthetic progesterone – one cod liver oil tablets a day, soaked in whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruit, coconut oil for cooking, fresh beef or lamb daily fresh seafood per week twice, in May and fresh once a week Eat more plant-based foods – broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts and garlic and flax seed.

Now you know how to detox your body, synthetic progestin, and you can use this in a while you'll be well on your way, live a full and healthy life.

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